Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) Application

This form is to be used when applying for a New, Renewed or Category Upgrade Authority to Drive Airside (ADA). All who drive vehicles or GSE on the airside of Darwin International Airport (DIA) must hold a current DIA issued ADA. The requirements of ADA holders are set out in the DIA Airside Vehicle Control Handbook, the DIA Airside Driver’s Guide and the Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997.

All Applicants must log at least the minimum hours required for the Category applying for under supervision, successfully complete the relevant online induction/s and Check Ride if required. If airside vehicle gate access is required, attempts to code the ASIC directly will be made at no additional cost. If the ASIC is non-proxy (cannot be coded) then a separate Access Card will be provided at a charge of $20.00 inc GST. 

New Category 3 and 4 ADA (including from lower Categories) will be subject to completing a Check Ride Assessment and approval by the DIA Airside Manager, or delegate. To request a check ride booking please email or call 08 8920 1852. 

Please bring your drivers licence and ASIC when collecting your ADA.

You must also complete a Check Ride with a DIA Airside Operations Officer before submitting your application.
An ADA expiry date will be matched with the applicants ASIC expiry date. Applicants are required to provide details of a new/updated ASIC when applying for a new/updated ADA.
This will be the DIA approved Authorising Signatory for your company to sign off this form. To check who the Authorising Signatories are, and avoid any application processing delays, please contact the Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, ground floor |call 08 8920 1822 or email Applications signed by anyone other than an approved Authorising Signatory will be returned.

Section A - Drivers Licence


Section B - ADA Information

*DIA will attempt to program you ASIC directly, if this is not possible a separate Access Card will be supplied at a charge of $20 inc GST

Section C - Training

Initial applicants must attach a completed Driver’s Log to this application showing that they have successfully conducted the minimum required hours of training for the category of licence for which they are applying. Driving Airside whilst training must be under the supervision of an experienced ADA holder, equivalent to or higher than the category of licence being applied for:

Category 1 and 2: Four hours (at least one of which must be conducted at night)

Category 3 and 4: Eight hours (at least two of which must be conducted at night)

Note: Category 3 and 4 ADA will only be issued to applicants who have a requirement to enter Taxiways and/or Runways in radio equipped vehicles and hold an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC).


You must complete a Check Ride with DIA before submitting this application. To book CLICK HERE and send your details. 

Section D - Payment

Pricing shown is inclusive of GST.

The following payment methods are accepted: Credit Card, Payment on Collection (Credit Card, EFTPOS), Billed Account.  Please note we are now cashless operations. 

Please select


Privacy Statement

We may use your personal information for the purposes of assisting DIA with the correct operating of the airport under various legislation, and in the assessment of any security infractions or incidents. Information may also be supplied to third parties in conjunction with any federal investigations.

By submitting this application, you consent to ADG collecting, using, and disclosing personal information as set out above.

Access Card Conditions of Issue & Use

  • Access permissions will cease on the same date as the holders’ current ASIC expires

  • Loss of card is to be reported immediately to DIA Terminal Control Centre – (08) 8920 1822

  • The Access Card remains the property of ADG and must be surrendered on expiry, transfer, or termination of present duty, or on request by ADG

  • The card may only be used during the cardholder’s approved duties in the Secure Areas and does not constitute an authority to enter or remain in a restricted area for any other purpose 

  • Access on cards is registered for the use of the person to whom it has been issued only

  • Incorrect use of access provisions may result in the immediate withdrawal of access privileges. No refund will be granted

  • If you have a separate ADG Access Card with Access Control permissions, then these permissions will expire on the same date that your ASIC expires

  • ADG will attempt to reprogram an existing Access Control Card, should the card be deemed damaged or invalid a new Access Control Card will be issued at a cost of $20 in GST

Security & Safety Induction

Before you can have your ASIC or Access Card programmed with any access control privileges you must complete the ADG Security & Working on Airport Induction; this is a mandatory requirement with the objective of keeping Darwin International Airport safe and secure.

The induction is based online and consists of multiple choice questions; to access the induction please visit and select ‘Start Induction’. 

Applicants must also successfully complete the related ADA online Inductions. Please contact to request the induction link.


Section A - Applicant Certification

The information provided in this form is correct and agree to notify the DIA Operations Department of any changes to theabove particulars;

  • Confirm that I have read and understood the Airside Drivers Guide for Darwin International Airport;

  • Understand that it is a condition of my ADA that I comply with the rules and conditions for driving airside as detailed inthe Airside Drivers Guide, the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook and the Airports (Control of On Airport Activities) Regulations 1997;

  • Understand that failure to comply with the rules for driving airside or the Regulations nay result in the suspension orcancellation for any reason;

  • Understand that I am responsible for advising DIA in writing if I lose or have my State or Territory Driving Licence suspended or cancelled for any reason;

  • Consent to ADG collecting, using, and disclosing any personal information contained in this application form in accordancewith the Privacy Act 1988 and the ADG Privacy policy as detailed on our website

  • That that I have read and understood the conditions of issue and use for all ADG Access Control and Access Cards andagree to comply with these conditions;

  • Acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the ADG Privacy Statement attached to this application form;

  • The details contained in this application are true and correct and understand I must contact DIA immediately if any of theinformation changes.

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By clicking SUBMIT your application will be sent to your Authorising Signatory to sign off. 

Section A - Employer Certification. To be completed by Authorised Signatory only

Hereby Certify that:

  • The applicant as detailed in Part 1 of this form has undertaken the mandatory applicable training as detailed in Part 3, Section A of this for;

  • I have read and understood the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook for Darwin International Airport;

  • I have approved the Category of ADA that the applicant is applying for based on operational requirement

  • The applicant with only drive/operate equipment Airside on which they hold current endorsement and has completed appropriate company training and induction; including requirements in relations to an airside vehicle/equipment incident;

  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that ADG are notified immediately in writing if the applicant loses or has their State or Territory Drivers Licence suspended or cancelled for any reason-agree to notify ADG of any changes to the above and to recover and return any ADG issued Access Card prior to the applicant leaving my employment or upon transfer to a position which no longer has an operational need to retain theAccess Card;

  • I understand that ADG may exercise its right to suspend production of Access Cards for any company who has expired unrecovered Access Cards that have not been returned to ADG

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