Application for Stockpiling of Materials

This form is to be used by contractors who wish to stockpile materials from Airport land into the DIA airside stockpiles.

All materials must be tested prior to completing this application for stockpiling

Excess soil/spoil material on DIA land is not permitted to be exported outside the DIA land boundary without testing.

Applications will be assesed by the Environment Team for endoresement before final approval or otherwise by Head of Facilities and Assets.

Access to the stockpile is airside. A valid ASIC and Airside Drivers Licence is required. Alternatively, arrangements must be made for a Visitor Pass and escort by a valid ASIC/ADA holder or approved Security Provider. All costs to be borne by applicant

Project details
This email address will be used to send the approved application.

Excavation Details




Please upload map with mark up of allocated area


Additional Details
Head of Projects Approval
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To be completed by Environment Manager

Please review and respond. Your recommendations will be forwarded with the application to Head of Facilities and Assets for final decision. 

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To be completed by Head of Facilities and Assets

This application for stockpiling has been endorsed by Environment, please review and complete below. 

Stockpile instructions

  1. Person(s) moving soil/spoil to the DIA airside stockpile area must be inducted contractors and hold an airside drivers license or be escorted by an airside licensed driver.

  2. No stockpiling is to occur without the presence of ADG Head of Facilites and Assets - Justin Garnett

  3. Contractor is required to send an outlook calendar placeholder with desired date and time of access to stockpile to;   Please allow one week advance notice. 

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To be completed by Contractor Post Stockpiling

Please upload images of the stockpiling upon completion, along with the final volumes.