Vehicle Authority to Use Airside (AUA) Application

For Operations at Darwin International Airport (DIA)

This form is to be used when applying for a new Authority to Use Airside Permit (AUA) or when renewing a current AUA Permit due to its forthcoming expiry.

Applicants are required to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance for an amount not less than AUD $20 million and ensure a current Airside Vehicle Indemnity & Release Deed Pol has been signed. 

In this application you must demonstrate an operational need to drive a vehicle on the airside on a frequent and unescorted basis. Youmust further show that the operational task(s) cannot be otherwise undertaken landside.

All vehicles driven on the airside of DIA must display a current AUA Permit.



A maximum of 5 AUA permits can be requested per application. 

  • Companies with GSE wider than the airside apron road (3.6m) must provide ADG with a risk assessment and safety operational proceedures

Section A - Vehicle Specification


If GSE is wider than the Airside Apron Road, you must supply a risk assessment and SOP for operation showing safety protocol.

Section B - Criteria For Use

This Application Form must meet one or more of the following criteria for the issue of an AUA Permit to be approved.This vehicle will:

Section C - Vehicle Markings & Beacon

All vehicles which are intended to be used on the airside must have a beacon and company signage displayed as described below. Upon application, proof of these must be supplied to DIA for the issue of an AUA permit to be approved (e.g. photos – these can be emailed to or attached to this application).


Section D: Communication Equipment



Please Note: Copies of Insurance Certificates must be attached to this Application Form. Insurance MUST cover the use of this vehicle airside.

Vehicle Insurance


Public Liability Insurance


Airside Vehicle Indemnity & Release Deed Poll

Organisations operating vehicles airside must have a current Airside Vehicle Indemnity & Release Deed Poll signed and on file. Click to view the Deed Pol

To confirm if a current copy is held on file, please contact the Terminal Control Centre on 08 8920 1822 or email



To be completed by Company Authorised Signatory only. To confirm the authorizing signatories, please contact the Terminal Control Centre – 08 8920 1822 | 

Acknowledge that: 

(i) I have read and understood the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook in relation to vehicle/equipment requirements 

(ii) It is a condition of an AUA that the Vehicle comply with the Handbook and the Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997; 

(iii) Failure to comply with the Handbook and/or the Regulations may result in the AUA being suspended or withdrawn;

(iv) Public Liability Insurance for an amount not less than AUD $20 million will be maintained; 

(v) It is the Vehicle operator’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle/equipment meets the applicable industry standards and is maintained in safe working condition at all times; 

(vi) Consent to ADG collecting, using and disclosing any personal information contained in this application form in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the ADG Privacy Policy as detailed on our website.

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Payment for AUA Permit/s must be made at the time of submission. Permit label batches are created every two (2) years, the expiry date is set by ADG and is non-negotiable.

AUA Application - $80.00 (inc GST) 

The following payment methods are accepted: Credit Card, Payment on Collection (Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cheque), Billed Account.  Please note we are now cashless operations. 


Copy and paste list of approved singnatories from SDS. Upon submitting an email will be sent to the applicant requesting to resubmit with a correct signatory.