Authorised Company Trainer Application - Aerobridges

This form is to be used when applying to act as a Fixed and/or Drive Aerobridge Trainer on behalf of a Company operating out of Darwin International Airport. 

All applicants must successfully complete the relevant online inductions for Aerobridge Operations and train in accordance with the DIA Aerobridge Operating Guide

Applicant and Company
This application will be workflowed to this email address for certification.

Applicant Certification
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Employer Certification

To be completed by a Company Manager or Supervisor only.


Certify that the Applicant:

i. Has completed training and inductions on relevant Aerobridge types–Fixed and/or Apron Drive

ii. Is authorised to deliver training to staff

iii. Is competent to operate and train staff in the operation and use of aerobridge equipment

iv. Will only train staffto operate the relevant type of aerobridge equipment that they are authorised for

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Office Use Only

DIA Authorisation - Aerobridge Trainer

Add into Approved Trainers within Aerobridge Training Log on Snapforms

is authorised to provide training for employees of
for the following aerobridge types:
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