Filming and Photography on Airports  Application Form

Airport Development Group (ADG) owns and manages Darwin International Airport (DIA), Alice Springs Airport (ASA) and Tennant Creek Airport (TCA). ADG filming and photography on airport applications must be lodged five working days before the proposed activity. Before completing this application, the ADG Filming and Photography on Airport Terms and Conditions should be read and understood. 

Completed applications must include: 

  • full applicant and request details 

  • an attached copy of the applicant’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate for $20 million or greater 

  • safety plan if required.

Approved applications will receive a Location Release which the crew must keep at all times while on location. 

Applicant details
Details of filming request
(e.g. where in the Terminal, which tenant etc.). Please note that a Safety Plan is required if persons other than crew can enter the filming/photography area.
Who will be attending on the day of filming?

The Applicant hereby releases ADG, its employees, officers, agents and contractors from all and any claims it mayhave for personal injury, death or damage to personal property it may suffer arising out of or in any wayconnected with the activities the subject of this Application. The Applicant hereby indemnifies and will keepindemnified ADG, its employees, officers, agents and contractors from and against any action claim or demandmade against ADG by the Applicant (or any individual forming part of the Applicant) or any third party made for orin relation to any loss or damage the Applicant causes (or to the extent of its contribution) to any person orproperty while on or about the Airport premises.

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