LV Electrical Access/Isolation Permit

All contractors must use this form to gain authorisation prior to performing any LV electrical works on ADG premises.

Note: registration is necessary before any work on ADG Leased Area is permitted.

*Please register your business with ADG before proceeding. Please click here to register.

*Please click here to read the requirements. Once completed, please select "Yes" to proceed. 

Part 1 – Application Details
Applicant's email address.
Part 2 – Works Details

Description of Works



(e.g. Distribution Board Number, Asset Number)



* Electrical work on energised electrical equipment is prohibited under Regulation 154 unless an exemption applies. If you intend to perform live work, you must include a documented risk assessment, approved by the ADG authorised person.
Part 3 – Acknowledgement of Electrical Worker in Charge of Works

I confirm that:

  • I understand the hazard of this work and the precautions to be taken.

  • I will comply with the ADG special conditions decided by the ADG Authorised Person. 

  • I have discussed the hazards and precautions I will take with the ADG Authorised Person.

  • I will return my copy of this Permit for cancellation by the ADG Authorised Person, once work has been safely completed.

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Part 4 – Authorisation to Work
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Part 5 – Completion of Works
Part 6 – Cancellation of Permit from Person in Charge
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Part 7 - Cancellation of Permit from the ADG Authorised Person
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