Revoke Request For Parking Infringement Notice


If you have been served with a Parking Infringement Notice (PIN) as a registered owner of a motor vehicle you should note the following:

A registered owner of a vehicle may make a statutory declaration as provided for under regulation 53 of the Traffic Regulations. The owner of a vehicle is not to be taken to have committed an offence if he or she was not in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence and if within 14 days after the owner receives or is served with a PIN, a courtesy letter under Division 3 Part 2 of the Fines and Penalties (Recovery) Act or a summons in relation to the offence, the owner delivers to Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd a statutory declaration made by the owner:

  • stating that some other person was in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence and any other information known to the owner that may assist in identifying or locating that other person;

  • stating that the vehicle was sold before the offence was committed and setting out the date of the sale, the name and address of the person to whom it was sold and, if the sale was made through an agent, the name and address of the agent; or

  • stating that at the time when the offence was committed the vehicle had been stolen or was being used unlawfully without the owner’s consent.

If the owner of the vehicle is a body corporate, a director, secretary or manager, may make a statutory declaration.

If the owner of the vehicle is the Northern Territory, the Commonwealth, a State or another Territory of the Commonwealth or a statutory corporation, a person authorised or apparently authorised for the purpose may make a statutory declaration.

A person named in a statutory declaration as being in control of a vehicle at the time of an offence cannot be found guilty of the offence unless a copy of the statutory declaration is affixed to the summons for the offence at the time the summons is served on the person.

If you wish to lodge a statutory declaration as per the above please do not use this form

Please note that the Parking Infringement Notice number must be quoted in all correspondence.

Queries should be directed to:

Parking Infringement Officer

Telephone: (08) 8920 1811


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